Points to Ponder

By S.r. Dusty Rohde

©August, 2017

I was asked recently, why don’t I post a list of the factual evidence. While I do have such a list, and I’m still adding to it, and I do intend on posting it. For now, I would rather post this.

The body of President Kennedy was taken out of Texas prior to an autopsy, which the Secret Service intended to do even though it was illegal, against Texas Law. Taking the body “Blocked” a Texas autopsy of the President.

  1. Question: Did Lee Harvey Oswald take the body? Answer: No
  2. Question: Did Oswald benefit from the body being taken? Answer: No
  3. Summary: It was not Lee Harvey Oswald who blocked the Texas autopsy.

The murder of Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby “Blocked” his Texas murder trial and trial for the murder of Dallas Police patrolman, J.D. Tippit.

  1. Question: Did Lee Harvey Oswald shoot himself? Answer: No
  2. Question: Did Oswald benefit from his own murder? Answer: No
  3. Summary: It was not Lee Harvey Oswald who blocked his Texas Trials.

Transferring the body of JFK from Texas to Bethesda Naval Hospital for the autopsy “Enabled” all of the fraud, perjury and manipulations of evidence that took place at Bethesda.

  1. Question: Did Lee Harvey Oswald perform the autopsy? Answer: No
  2. Question: Did the deceptions resulting from the autopsy benefit Lee Harvey Oswald? Answer: No
  3. Summary: Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t create the deceptions in the Bethesda Autopsy.

Withholding JFK’s autopsy photographs from the various Committees and public at large, “Blocked” the early discovery of fraudulent wound locations and number of wounds falsely claimed by the Bethesda autopsy surgeons. 

  1. Question: Did Oswald withhold the autopsy photos? Answer: No
  2. Question: Does withholding the autopsy photos benefit Oswald. Answer: No
  3. Summary: The autopsy photos were and are 100% under government control, meaning any manipulations or alterations were done by them, no one else.

A phone call from J. Edgar Hoover to Dallas District Attorney Wade was intended to “Block” an immediate Texas investigation into the murders of JFK and Officer Tippit.

  1. Question: Did Oswald make the phone call (request) to D.A. Wade? Answer: No
  2. Question: Did Oswald benefit by lack of a Texas investigation? Answer: No
  3. Summary: As long as there is no trial, everything remains in limbo, witnesses can’t be cross examined, no one can be held accountable or charged, be it Oswald or more conveniently, anyone else.

After the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, a large number of key witnesses were murdered. Off the top of my head, I can think of only one of those that was actually solved.

  1. Question: Did Lee Harvey Oswald murder these people?  Answer: No
  2. Question: Did the murders benefit Lee Harvey Oswald? Answer: No

The Surgeon General of the United States put all Bethesda hospital staff and others present at the time of the President’s autopsy under “non-disclosure” orders. The forced silence of these witnesses “Blocked” any testimonies that could have identified the deceptions by Bethesda hospital surgeons.

  1. Question: Did Oswald silence these witnesses? Answer: No
  2. Question: Did Oswald benefit from the non-disclosure orders? Answer: No

Overall Summery: 

All of the actions listed here happened “after” the shots were fired, after President Kennedy had expired, and after Lee Harvey Oswald had been either arrested or murdered. Lee Harvey Oswald did not ask for these events to happen. Our government blocked the Texas autopsy. Our government took JFK’s body. Our government enabled the Bethesda autopsy deceptions. Our government withheld and manipulated JFK’s autopsy photos. Our government silenced the Bethesda witnesses. Our government stopped the Texas investigation. Every single person involved with manipulating these events worked for … OUR “NEW” GOVERNMENT, think about that. But what are we really talking about here? In a court of law, this manipulation would be termed “evidence tampering”, which is a crime. Then adding insult to injury, to salt the wound of JFK’s loss, what do they do? These people use the Kennedy family as their excuse, as their shield for their actions. They blocked the trial by shooting Oswald with “respect” for Mrs. Kennedy. They took the President’s body out of Texas with “respect” for Mrs. Kennedy. They withheld the autopsy photos with “respect” for the Kennedy family, …sugar plums and fairy tales. 

And now, I’ll leave you with a final point to think on. For nearly 54 years, the CIA has been withholding documents related to the assassination of President Kennedy claiming it was for “National Security”. If Lee Harvey Oswald was in fact the “Lone Assassin”, the Lone Nut, the man who acted entirely alone, who had no confederates, no one aiding him. If Oswald worked for none of the government agencies, the CIA, FBI, ONI, Military Intelligence or any others, which has been the government mantra for all these years. Then the CIA can not possibly be truthfully protecting National Security by refusing to release documents. If Oswald acted alone, and had no government affiliations, there is no National Security to protect. If they aren’t protecting National Security, then what or who are they protecting? Themselves? JFK’s murderers? And it isn’t just the CIA who withholds documents, though they are the most commonly noted for doing so. The FBI, the ONI…and several other agencies still withhold assassination documents. Well…hold on, “withholding documents” is really a misnomer. Why? These agencies aren’t withholding “documents”, they are withholding “evidence”, which in a court room would also be a crime. I’ll say it again, as long as a court trial is avoided, no one gets held accountable, pure and simple…..it’s just one big free pass to anyone and everyone breaking the law. The longer evidence is withheld, the better chance for it to disappear from NARA or any other records, which is exactly what has happened over the years. The longer the release date for records is put off, the more the witnesses will die off from old age, or the more that can be murdered. The primary goal of our government, or any government really, should not be “obstructing justice”.




The Great Lies, Proving Conspiracy & False Justice at Bethesda.

By S.r. Dusty Rohde

©July, 2017


All too often, researching the JFK assassination can seem a bit daunting, overwhelming even, as there are literally thousands of documents to sift through.  This is even truer for “non-researchers” who aren’t familiar with the lion’s share of information in existence. The problem isn’t helped by the fact that from the beginning, there has been an open assault on researchers, be it murder or the more common mind games and ad hominem attacks that continue up to this very day. Those games are played by what are commonly termed “disinfo assets”. In spite of deliberate falsification of evidence, fraud, perjury, mind games and out right murders, researchers have learned a great deal over the years. So to clarify and simplify the process in understanding what has been learned and keeping the necessary immersion in documents to a minimum, I share the following false assertions and deceptions related to the JFK assassination. I think it is equally important to identify those individuals who committed these acts, as they became “accessories after the fact“.

One thing that everyone needs to understand, is that what I’m about to show you could not have been possible without the body of John F. Kennedy illegally being taken out of Texas, prior to an autopsy…which was mandatory by Texas State law. Without the body, the fraud that took place at the Bethesda Hospital could not have happened. I’ll leave it to you to decide if it was mere coincidence or simply because Jackie Kennedy refused to leave Texas without her husband. The term “Conspiracy” is often used as a derogatory term deliberately used as a demeaning label on JFK assassination researchers. Conspiracy “after the fact” did indeed take place and is provable. So, that said, let me demonstrate.

1. Commander J.J. Humes, Commander Thorton J. Boswell and Lt. Col. Pierre Finck did willfully and with full knowledge “Conspire” to commit fraud in giving false evidence related to the wounds on President Kennedy’s body. The autopsy report by the Bethesda doctors is numbered CE 387 in the Warren Commission evidence. This portion shows all three doctors agreed and signed the autopsy report. (See below)



2. J.J. Humes burned his original autopsy notes. (See below)


3. Humes testifies that he, Boswell and Finck “met” and “made changes” that these three individuals were “mutually agreed upon“. The legal definition of “Conspiracy” is as follows. (See below)



Clearly, J.J. Humes has indicated that he met with Boswell and Finck, and that they were mutually agreed to the changes and revisions they made on the final Autopsy Report which they submitted, once completed. 

Commander Boswell stated his agreement with Commander Humes testimony on wound representations in the Warren Commission hearings. (See below)


Lt. Col. Pierre Finck also stated his agreement with J.J. Humes assertions during his Warren Commission testimony. (See below)


There can be no question that all three Bethesda autopsy surgeons were in agreement with Commander Humes assertions as to the number and location of wounds presented by him and the Rydberg drawings.If any or all parts of this autopsy report are demonstrated to be deliberately false or fraudulent, these doctors have met and fulfilled the legal definition of “Conspiracy”, making them “accessories after the fact”. 

4. Bethesda Autopsy Surgeons … Humes, Boswell and Finck claimed there was but a single wound to JFK’s back, when in truth, there were four. –LIES (See below)


In the far left image shown above, the single “Back/Neck” wound identified by the Bethesda doctors is within the red circle. This image was drawn by Harold “Skip” Rydberg”, and submitted as evidence to the Warren Commission. The actual autopsy images were withheld from the Commission and Mr. Rydberg, they never saw them. The next two images (above, right) are autopsy photos taken at Bethesda and released during the House Select Committee on Assassination hearings. These two photos clearly show not one, but “four” wounds to JFK’s back. The single wound claim was a complete and deliberate misrepresentation of Kennedy’s back wounds by these doctors. Not only was there more than one wound, the location of the wounds is equally erroneous. There is no possible way they could not have seen all four of these wounds, yet, they told the Warren Commission there was just one. The claim of a single back wound was an outright LIE and deliberate fraud. I have enlarged the four wounds, and make note, the lowest two wounds clearly show “tracks” from where body fluids had seeped from them. The true entry wound is also very round, as it should be. A bullet “entry” wound is a puncture wound, not a tear. The remaining three wounds are all very irregular in shape, typical of a fragmentation wound. Blood spots would not have body fluids seeping from them. 

The House Select Committee on Assassinations identified one of these fours wounds as the entry wound, they didn’t debate whether or not this was an actual wound, even though no body fluid tracks are visible. However, this was the closest actual wound indicated in the Humes-Rydberg drawings (manipulated by J.J. Humes). (See below)


Oddly enough, if you compare the phony entrance wound on the Rydberg drawing to the autopsy image, there is no actual wound at all in this location in the photo. Humes also indicated or “moved” the wound approximately 4 and a half inches up and roughly 2 inches to the right of it’s true location (not millimeters or centimeters, but inches!). This is a blatant and deliberate misrepresentation, placing a wound where none existed. (See below)


5. Withholding the autopsy images during the Warren Commission further enabled the deception by J.J. Humes. Humes claimed it was for the benefit of the Kennedy family–Lie. Drawings made by Harold “skip” Ryberg were substituted in place of the autopsy images, Mr. Ryberg had never seen the autopsy images or body, J.J. Humes was his sole guide as to where to locate the wounds on the drawing. Since no one could view the autopsy photos in the Commission hearings, no one would see the very obvious discrepancies. The sole purpose of moving this “back wound” farther to the right and more upward, was to give the illusion this shot came from the Texas School Book Depository. 

Manipulations of evidence during the Bethesda autopsy didn’t end here. There was another very significant step. All individuals involved in the autopsy of JFK…and others who were in the building for various reasons…were placed under “non-disclosure” orders by the U.S. Surgeon General.

6. Forced silence of all Bethesda Autopsy witnesses and staff guaranteed no one could speak of Humes deceptions, if discovered. The following two images are an example of those people who were placed under non-disclosure orders. This is most of the people under the order, but not all. But, this is enough to make the point. Regardless of whether or not any of these individuals may have had knowledge that there was some deceptions going on…they could not speak of it, without risking a prison sentence. Thus further ensuring the deceptions of Humes, Boswell and Finck would go undiscovered.



There is much more evidence I could add to this, but for the sake of a single article, this is enough. There is clear evidence and “Proof” the requirements qualifying for the legal definition of “Conspiracy” have been met. Commander J.J. Humes, Commander Thorten J. Boswell and Lt. Col. Pierre Finck openly engaged in Conspiracy to commit fraud in representing the wounds to President John F. Kennedy. This is not Conspiracy Theory, it is Conspiracy Fact.

The deceptions didn’t stop here, they continued on to a deeper level during the House Select Committee on Assassination hearings, but that is another story.



Oswald, Hiddel, and His “Handlers”

By S.r. Dusty Rohde

©June 2017

Lee Harvey Oswald, alleged assassin of President John F. Kennedy is thought by many former and current researchers to have had CIA “Handlers”. Anyone who seriously researches Oswald’s history prior to the assassination will quickly discover that Oswald was surrounded by agents or assets from a number of government agencies. One of the people most often identified as a Oswald handler, was George DeMohrenschildt, former CIA asset. As many know, DeMohrenschildt allegedly committed suicide on the same day he was notified by Gaeton Fonzi, (investigator from the House Select Committee on Assassinations) that they would like to see him. (See below)


The Warren Commission, the HSCA (House Select Committee on Assassinations) and others stated the Lee Harvey Oswald was using the alias of “Alek Hiddel” and variations of this alias or “code name”. Usually, any debate on the Hiddel alias revolves around whether or not Oswald actually used the alias to purchase the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle…or whether this info/evidence was falsely planted. (See below)


In any criminal case, especially in murder cases or multiple criminal acts, Modus Operandi often times play a critical role in identifying guilty parties. What is Modus Operandi? Modus Operandi is at times, a repetitive habit or behavioral traits used by perpetrators of crimes. Recently, one particular document gave me pause to reflect on the possible “Modus Operandi” in relationship to Lee Harvey Oswald. (See below)


The first thing that stirs up a red flag in my thoughts from the previous document is the reference to “a cover for infiltrating Communist groups“. Prior to the altercation between Oswald and Carlos Bringuier at the International Trade Mart, Bringuier claimed Oswald was trying to infiltrate the “DRE”, (Directorio Revolucionario Estudantil). The “DRE” was the anti-Castro Cuban group Bringuier moved to after belonging to anti-Castro Cuban groups associated with Guy Bannister, whom this George Higginbotham worked for. During this same time period, Guy Bannister made a comment to another employee, Bill Dalzell in reference to Oswald, . . . “Cool it, he’s with us“, (as in “working with/for us”).

A thought came to mind when reflecting on the previous info, so let me ask you, Chronologically, when did Oswald first start using the Hiddel alias? Without even knowing the exact date, evidence clearly indicates that Oswald was using the Hiddel alias on the FPCC fliers in New Orleans. Oswald was handing out these fliers in the same time frame that he was “with” Bannister at the 544 Camp Street address. So, what are the obvious implications? If Guy Bannister “provided” George Higgenbotham with false credentials and false name, did he provide the same for Lee Harvey Oswald in the name of Alek Hiddel? Modus Operandi. 

Guy Bannister would be found nude and dead on June 6th, 1964 . . . barely over six months after the assassination. Bannister’s records almost immediately began to vanish. Later testimonies would indicate that some records were taken by Delphine Roberts, Bannister’s secretary/aide and side chick (Bannister was married at this time). Some records were reportedly in the hands of Jack S. Martin, employee of Bannister. Bannister’s wife ended up taking the bulk of Bannister’s records, but scattered them to the wind, giving them to several different agencies in Louisiana. Some of these records were also destroyed after review. But, is it possible that surviving records might produce similar evidence showing the “Hiddel” alias originated through Bannister’s office? Has anyone ever bothered to look? Is it possible, the agency that so many think Oswald belonged to…was in fact operated through Guy Bannister’s agency? The same agency that was overseen by the FBI. The agency where all employees had to be cleared by the FBI? The same agency who originated the anti-Castro Cuban group “FRD” later merged with the “CRC” or Cuban Revolutionary Council. This very same “CRC” group was funded by the CIA. The same “CRC” group was housed in the International Trade Mart, where Clay Shaw was managing director. The same Clay Shaw was associated with most of the “employees/members” of the 544 Camp Street staff. That staff included Guy Bannister, David Ferrie, Oswald and others.The same Clay Shaw who owned a “Nash Rambler” at the time of the assassination, like the Nash Rambler seen fleeing Dealey Plaza after the shots were fired. (See link below)


When Oswald was questioned in regards to this station wagon, he made the comment “now they’ll find out who I really am“. The evidence suggests who he really was, was Alek Hiddel, undercover operative for Guy Bannister (one of Oswald’s “handlers), overseen by the FBI, funded by the CIA.



JFK & A Station Wagon Get-Away

By S.r. Dusty Rohde

©May, 2017

Ever since November 22th, 1963, shortly after the guns went silent in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, there exists the mystery of a station wagon described as a get-a-way car. Former Sheriff’s officer Roger Craig stated in testimonies, he thought he had seen Lee Harvey Oswald run down the grassy knoll, then jump into this station wagon and watched as the car sped away from Dealey plaza. (See below)


While the idea of Oswald getting into this car remains questionable, the mystery remains. Many have claimed that Oswald “fled” Dealey Plaza, by first taking a public transit bus, and then a taxi. I will suggest this is laughable. A person would have to be foolish to take a bus as a get-a-way vehicle, and ignorant to take a taxi, as often, taxi companies are the first place many police departments contact when searching for fleeing felons. In busy cities, taxi drivers and companies have eyes all over a city and radios to report any sightings of fleeing suspects.

When researching the JFK assassination, evidence is rarely discovered in a convenient chronological order. Usually, the evidence is found in a jumbled jigsawed mess, which was the case for me related to this mysterious station wagon. My first awareness of the station wagon in question, came from former Dallas Sheriff Roger Craig’s testimony. 

While Roger Craig stated he thought the station wagon he saw was a “Nash Rambler”, he also stated he only said “Rambler” because it was the only type of station wagon he could think of with a luggage rack of similar type. (See below)


The next bit of evidence that I found was the image taken in Dealey Plaza of a station wagon with a person getting into the car, (this shortly after the shots had been fired). This image is most commonly used when anyone speaks of Oswald getting into the “Rambler” station wagon that Roger Craig saw. (See below)


The previous image is a bit misleading. For one, that isn’t Lee Harvey Oswald getting into the vehicle. The man getting into the vehicle is wearing dress slacks, shoes and trench coat…clothes which Oswald definitely didn’t wear to work that day, hence…this person is not Oswald. Second, the vehicle shown isn’t a “Rambler”. This vehicle is actually a 1961 Mercury Colony Park wagon, owned by Mary and “Buck” Ferrell. The “Ferrell” station wagon is compared to another image of a new 1961 Mercury Colony Park wagon. (See below)


A 1961 Nash Rambler is also compared to the 1961 Mercury Colony Park station wagon in the next image, obviously these are not the same type of car as one can see by the considerable difference in appearance, Mercury on the left, Nash on the right. (See below)


While it becomes apparent this Mercury station wagon belonging to the Ferrell’s isn’t the same station wagon Roger Craig saw, the reason it was initially of interest to me is because of a bit of the earliest evidence I found about a similar station wagon. This document notes Ruby, Oswald and a “Pilot” (say, as in David Ferrie) all travelling together. This document also happens to describe the vehicle they were using. (See following two images)



As noted Ruby, Oswald and this pilot were driving a station wagon with a description matching the Ferrell station wagon, a vehicle none of them owned. There are other points of interest worth noting in the previous documents. First, make note of the date, 11th of April, 1963, one day after the General Edwin Walker shooting. Also, the 11th of April is only three days after this flight recorded in David Ferrie’s flight plan on April 8th, 1963, (See below).


In the previous document, note that there are three passengers listed, for a total of four people (including Ferrie). Those names are “Hidell, Lambert and Diaz”, of which Hidell is the alias known to be used by Oswald. In the two documents relating Robert Allen Price’s testimony, the LHO/Ruby group was also “a party of four“. In both cases, Oswald is noted as travelling with a group of people, not as a loner. It is worth noting that from April 7th to the 12th, Oswald’s activities are unaccounted for in research timelines. These documents show that Oswald was back in Texas on the 10th, the day General Edwin Walker was fired at.

The description for the “pilot” given by Price is a very close match for David Ferrie noted at the time of his death. Ferrie weighed 182 and a half pounds vs 190  lbs. The approximate age provided by Price is also a close match, “41-42” years old, (Ferrie was 45 in 1963). The heights noted by Price are slightly different, “5-5 to 5-6″ compared to Ferries actual height of 5’9”. Yet, the description of the pilot is close enough to suspect David Ferrie was possibly this “Pilot”. The comment that these individuals were leaving “to fly to Cuba” coincides with known activities and testimonies of David Ferrie around this date. On April 14th and 15th, Cuba was indeed bombed by anti-Castro Cuban forces, including American pilots. David Ferrie has been documented in relationship to these activities. (See below)




This is the same anti-Castro, gun running “Davis” that Jack Ruby was worried they would find out about in his trial. The same “Davis” that attorney Dean Andrews tried to claim was a fictional person during Jim Garrison’s trial of Clay Shaw.  Clay Shaw and David Ferrie had a very close relationship. (See below)


Now, the Dallas police question Oswald about the station wagon, and Oswald replied…


Then, for 50 plus years…people went nuts with this quote from Oswald, claiming Oswald fled Dealey Plaza in Ruth Paine’s “Rambler” station wagon. The only problem being is that Ruth Paine didn’t own a Rambler station wagon, she owned a 1955 Chevy BelAir station wagon. (Paine vehicle shown below)


Roger Craig wasn’t the only one who saw the station wagon leave Dealey Plaza, or the people getting into it. Many other witnesses also said the vehicle was a “Rambler”. Somebody actually did own a Nash Rambler station wagon linked to the JFK assassination, and that person was Clay Shaw. (See below)


Apparently Clay Shaw didn’t want the car around his house, as he loaned it to his dad and looks as though he was going to sign the title for the car over to him.

Evidence suppression was done in abundance related to the JFK assassination and Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit’s murder and that’s no secret. But two areas of evidence suppression are easily identified which involve Jack Ruby and William David Ferrie. The following is a quote from “History Will Prove Us Right”(page 12), by Howard P. Willens. (See below)

“What was Ruby’s probable motive?”, [“Commission does not wish to answer this question as to the probable motive of Ruby”].

Mr. Willens was a former counsel member on the staff of the Warren Commission. This was the view that the Warren Commission adopted regarding Jack Ruby, road blocking any in depth investigation of Jack Ruby, all while claiming their entire purpose was not to prosecute, but to collect evidence.

The second individual, David Ferrie, was never mentioned in the final report of the Warren Commission. Although Mr. Ferrie was a prime suspect in Jim Garrison’s charges against Clay Shaw, who committed suicide just prior to being arrested. Regarding Mr. Ferrie, the Secret Service would make the following statement,

“The Secret Service report concluded by stating, “In view of the above, this phase of the investigation involving William David Ferrie will be considered closed .”

Without going into extensive detail, long story short is there are numerous “collaborating” testimonies and documents that connect David Ferrie, Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald, Clay Shaw and many others, prior to the assassination. A very large portion of these documents collected by the FBI and other agencies were never given to the Warren Commission, and never released to the public to this day.



1). Warren Commission testimony, Roger Craig, page 266, https://www.history-matters.com/archive/jfk/wc/wcvols/wh6/pdf/WH6_Craig.pdf 

2). HSCA report, Vol. IX, page 106., https://www.history-matters.com/archive/jfk/hsca/reportvols/vol9/pdf/HSCA_Vol9_4_Oswald.pdf


The Non-Existent Richard “Ricardo” Davis.

By S.r. Dusty Rohde

©June, 2017

In 1967, Dean Andrews was an attorney and acquaintance of New Orleans district attorney, Jim Garrison. Garrison of course is renowned for his trial accusing Clay Shaw (Director of the International Trade Mart) of conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy.

During a 1967 interview given by Dean Andrews, he mentions two names which a few seconds later, declares he pulled out of “the air”. Those two names were Manny (Manuel) Garcia Gonzalez and “Ricardo” Davis. These individuals, according to Dean Andrews were fictional characters. (See video below, start at the 2:10 mark, to 2:23)

“Ricardo” Davis’s full name is Rudolph Richard “Ricardo” Davis Jr., a very real, very existent person. In fact, Mr. Davis was questioned by Jim Garrison’s staff during the trial of Clay Shaw. Ricardo Davis, has for years, been hidden in the shadows of assassination evidence. Personally, I think it’s past time somebody shined a light on this alleged fictional person. A good place to start, would be with quotes from Jack Ruby, after he was arrested for the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald.

–“After Ruby’s arrest, he asked Dallas attorney Tom Howard to represent him. Howard accepted and asked Ruby if he could think of anything that might damage his defense.


Ruby responded that there would be a problem if a man by the name of “Davis” should come up. Ruby told his attorney that he “…had been involved with Davis, who was a gunrunner entangled in anti-Castro efforts.”(1)

Now, why do you suppose Jack Ruby would be concerned if the name of “Davis” should come up? One of the first reasons Ruby might be concerned was with his efforts to get “Jeeps” to Cuba, to make a profit. (2) Jack Ruby was also reported to say to Wally Weston They are going to find out about Cuba, they’re going to find out about the guns.”(3) The HSCA would run off on a wild goose chase trying to connect Eli Davis III to these comments by Ruby. This path led to no where and gave the HSCA, in their view, justification to not look for “Davis” any further. The HSCA didn’t bother to have a look at a “Davis” already identified as being involved with the anti-Castro Cuban’s and gun running. Typically, the FBI wasn’t any help with investigating Davis either, at least according to the HSCA. (See below)

The FBI had been unable to identify anyone engaged in the sale of arms to Cuba who might be identical with the person named Davis.“(4)

The previous quote is a bid odd, considering that numerous documents can be found in FBI files related to Mr. Davis. If anyone bothered to view those documents, they would find a possible reason why the FBI was unable to identify Mr. Davis. The reason being that Davis had direct ties to Lee Harvey Oswald.

A few days after Oswald’s altercation with Carlos Bringuier and friends, (members of the anti-Castro Cuban “Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil” or “DRE”), Ricardo Davis would pay a visit to Oswald at home. This was also a few days after the WDSU interview to which the WDSU staff would deliberately label Oswald as “Communist”. (See below)


Not only was Ricardo Davis acquainted with Jack Ruby and Oswald, he was very familiar with Carlos Bringuier, Carlos Quiroga and other members of the anti-Castro group “DRE” members. All of these individuals had direct links to Lee Harvey Oswald. Ricardo Davis also knew David Ferrie and Sergio Aracha Smith when they worked with Guy Bannister. (See below)


Ricardo Davis also knew George Wray Gill (See below), attorney for Carlos Marcello. Ferrie, Jack Martin and Guy Bannister had been working for Gill/Marcello in the months prior to JFK’s assassination. Sergio Aracha Smith was also familiar with Marcello, and had been offered employment by him.


Last, I’ll just provide a brief and partial overview of Ricardo Davis activities involving his “anti-Castro” Cuban ventures. (See below)


So, to borrow a quote from Oliver Stone’s 1991 film, …not all is as it seems when sifting through the evidence, things are “a mystery, wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma”…and deliberately so. The web of inter-connectivity between those involved with events leading to the assassination is astounding, mind boggling even. Smoke and mirrors…windows within windows, vanishing evidence, witnesses silenced…records hidden, be wary of those rabbit holes.

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Lee Harvey Oswald, …Loner?

Anyone familiar with the history of John F. Kennedy’s assassination is keenly aware of the labels “The Lone Assassin, The Lone Nut….The Loner”. These moniker’s have been hung around the neck of Lee Harvey Oswald since 1963. Of course, 99% of those people labeling Oswald over the years, never even knew him. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so let me share a few photos of Oswald. (See below)


I guess I just have a different idea of what the term “Loner” actually means, because Oswald sure doesn’t look like much of a loner to me in these photos. If Oswald’s a loner, then I’m a hermit. These images, and there are others, display a person engaged in typical “Social” activities. Obviously Oswald isn’t angry but in fact appears to be enjoying himself a good deal, if his facial expressions are any indication. On that subject, facial expressions are often an excellent indication of a persons emotions at any given time, especially when hearing unexpected news. For example, the expressions on Oswald’s face when he first learns he is being charged with the assassination of John F. Kennedy. (See below)


  1. The first image on the left, is the moment a reporter is telling Oswald he is being charged with the murder of JFK. The room is very noisy, and is difficult for Oswald to hear what the reporter was saying, he is listening carefully.
  2. The center image shows Oswald’s instant reaction to hearing he’s being charged with the President’s murder. You can see proverbial “deer in the headlight” look on Oswald’s face as this shocking news registers with him.
  3. Then the final image, is this a look of smugness? Is this a look of accomplishment or satisfaction? No…this look isn’t any of those. If anything, the last image is a look of rejection or denial, perhaps mixed with a thought of “that’s ridiculous”.

In watching every available film showing Oswald’s face, one thing is fairly apparent, Oswald’s face is very expressive. Oswald “wears his emotions on his sleeve” so to speak, happiness, sadness, frustration, anger, surprise….they all show.

So why do I bring these issues up? Americans have seen Oswald tagged with all sorts of labels over the years, and tarred and feathered in almost every conceivable way. More often than not, none of these people were concerned with things like libel or slander. At some point, if we are to actually be honest, we have to ask ourselves, how much of the character assassination on Oswald was really accurate? How much of it was deliberate hype prevaricated through the mob mentality? What…or who was Oswald?

Having read Oswald’s diary, numerous letters and personal writings, including speeches, it is obvious that Oswald was, for better or worse, idealistic. Oswald spoke out against unfair labor, and against racism in America and even against Communism. Oswald was the “Hands Off Cuba” evangelist, surrounded by a herd of volunteer Anti-Castro wanna-be killers. By definition, Oswald was actually a “Peace” activist, unless you want to believe all the world was his stage and he had monumental acting skills. Yet, this is who the finger of guilt was pointed at, the Barney Fife of Dallas. I can’t help it, when I see Oswald’s reaction to being told he is charged with murder of JFK….this is the image I see.


JFK Assassination Records and Resource Sites.

By S.R. Dusty Rohde

©May, 2017

Online Collections:

Offline Collections:

  • Guy Bannister Records:
  1. Partial files sold to “Kent Courtney” by Mrs. Bannister. 
  2. Partial files sold to New Orleans Metropolitan Crime Commission.
  3. Partial files given to Louisiana State Sovereignty Commission.
  4. Partial files given to Louisiana State Police.
  5. Partial files in possession of Delphine Roberts.
  6. Partial files in possession of Jack S. Martin.

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