Aliases and Associations in the JFK Assassination

By S.r. Dusty Rohde

©April, 2017

NOTE: This is an ongoing project and will be updated periodically.

This article is to build a database of all known aliases used by individuals connected in any way to the JFK assassination and murder of Dallas Police officer J.D. Tippit. This is for use by current and future researchers, hopefully it may be of use.

Carousel Club:

  • Jacob Leonard Rubenstein, AKA, “Jack Ruby”, “Jack Leon Ruby”. (Unmarried), (Owner of Carousel Club, Oswald assassin. See also organized crime info, gun running, narcotics and human trafficking charges, former FBI informant).


  • Karen Carlin, AKA, “Little Lynn”, (Exotic dancer).


  • Kathy Kay Coleman, AKA, “Kay”, Kathy Kay”, “Kathy Kay Olsen”, (Married Harry Neal Olsen, formerly Dallas Police officer). Exotic dancer.


  • William Crow Jr., AKA, “Bill Demar”, (Comic, Ventriloquist, Memory Specialist).
  • Sylvia Delores, AKA, “Angel Dior”, Exotic dancer.
  • Janet Mole, AKA, “Jada”, “Janet Jeanette Conforto”, Janet (Mole) “Adams”, “Bonney”, “Cuffari”, “Smallwood”, “Conforto”, “Washington”, “Janet Adams Washington”. (Married or likely married, “Nick Bonney”, “Joseph Cuffari”, “Ralph C. Smallwood”, “Joseph Conforto”, “? Washington”). Exotic dancer
  • Gloria Merriefield, AKA, “Smokey Turner”, Exotic dancer.
  • Bobby Louise Meserole, AKA, “Shari Angel”, “Shari Weston”, “The Heavenly Body”, (married Wally Weston, ).


  • Nancy Jane Mooney, AKA, “Betty McDonald”, “Betty Mooney McDonald”.
  • Beverly Oliver, AKA, “Bixylene Bonham”, “Beverly McCann”, Beverly Oliver Massegee”, Dancer, Vocalist.
  • Nancy Monnell Powell, AKA, “Tammy True”, Exotic dancer, formerly in prison for Narcotics charges. Contacted by Jack Ruby while still in prison to work for him. (Anti-Castro Cubans at her home on 11/22/63 prior to JFK assassination).


  • Juanita Dale Slusher, AKA, “Candy Barr”, “Juanita Debbs”, “Juanita Phillips”, “Juanita Sahakian”. (Married Billy Jo Debbs, Troy B. Phillips and Jack Sahakian). Exotic dancer.


  • Joyce Lee Witherspoon, AKA “Joy Dale”, “Joyce Lee McDonald”, “Joyce Lee Gordon”. (Married to Jimmy Lee McDonald, Theodore Gordon), Exotic dancer.


  • Melba Christine Youngblood, AKA, “Melba Marcades”, “Roselle Renee Cheramie”, “Rose Cheramie”, (See also documents related to David Ferrie and Al Cheramie, she had prior knowledge of JFK assassination, connected to Sergio Aracha Smith and person ID’d as “Osantos” on day she was murdered, Osantos was ID’d by photo in Garrison trial, current location of photos unknown).
  • Marilyn April Walle, AKA, “Marilyn Moone”, “Marilyn Magyar”, “Delilah”, Exotic Dancer.
  • Patricia Birch, AKA,  “Patricia Kohs”, “Penny Dollar”,

Anti-Castro Cubans:

  • Guy Bannister,


  • Carlos Bringuier
  • William Dalzell,
  • William David Ferrie,
  • Loran Eugene Hall, AKA, “Lorenzo Pascillio”,
  • Richard Rudolph Davis, AKA, “Ricardo Davis”. (See Dean Andrews interviews, Jack Ruby testimony on “finding out about Davis” related to gun running, related documents in Garrison/Shaw trial, see also involvement with Oswald and Carlos Bringuier scuffle).
  • Manuel Gonzalez, AKA, … (suspected in all three JFK assassination locations, Tampa, Chicago and Dallas, Tx.). Possible driver of reported “Rambler” station wagon in Dealey Plaza.
  • Edward S. Suggs, AKA, “Jack S. Martin”,
  • Sergio Aracha Smith, AKA, (strong ties to 544 Camp Street crew, Ferrie, Bannister, Jack S. Martin and most probably Oswald, Ties to Anti-Castro Cuban groups, CRD, FDC, DRE, CRC and probably others. At the minimum, probably had advance knowledge of the assassination. Sergio refused to testify in WC hearings, refused extradition for the Garrison trials. Sergio testified in HSCA hearings, parts of testimony sealed). Also links to Clay Shaw, founder and managing director of the International Trade Mart.


  • Kerry Thornley, AKA, “Leon Oswald?”, (One of the probable Oswald impersonators and former room-mate of David Ferrie).


Organized Crime:

  • Eugene Hale Brading: AKA “Jim Braden”, “James Bradley Lee”, “Gene Brady”, “Harry Eugene Bradley”, “James Lee Cole”. (JFK assassination suspect, career con man, prior murder suspect, office same location as George Wray Gill, Carlos Marcello’s attorney connected with Guy Bannister, David Ferrie, Sergio Aracha Smith, Jack S. Martin, also suspect in RFK assassination).
  • Morgan Holbert Brown, AKA, (associate of Eugene Hale Brading, present in Dealey plaza on 11/22/63, possible JFK assassination suspect). On approximately August 11th, 1964, Morgan Brown and his wife “Josephine” were arrested and charged with three felony counts. The worst count being “Assault with intent to commit murder” of a California police officer.


  • Salvitore Giangana, AKA, “Salvitore ‘Mooney Sam’ Giancana”, “Sammy”, “Momo”, “Sam the Cigar”, (See CIA connections to Castro assassination and possible involvement in JFK assassination attempt in Chicago).
  • Lewis J. McWillie, AKA, “
  • Caligero Minacori, AKA, “Carlos Marcello”, “The Little Man”, “The Godfather”, (suspected involvement in JFK assassination, New Orleans mob boss, strongly connected to 544 Camp Street crew…Bannister, Sergio, Ferrie, Martin, Shaw, Oswald and others)
  • Santo Trafficante, AKA, …(Florida mob boss, see connections to Carlos Marcello and Johnny Roselli, suspected involvement with JFK assassination attempts


  • John Howard Bowen, AKA “Albert Osborne”, (alleged witness who saw Oswald on bus in Mexico, CIA asset).
  • William George Gaudet, AKA, (next in line behind Oswald when applying for visa, very likely the person who turned in Oswald’s paperwork for Oswald’s visa, without Oswald being present, CIA asset). Gaudet was provided free office space at the International Trade Mart, where Clay Shaw was Director.


Locations and Associations:

Hammond, Louisiana:

  1. Clay Shaw, lived here.
  2. David Ferrie, flew “Hidell, Diaz and Lambert” here.

Monroe, Louisiana:

  1. Guy Bannister, born here.
  2. Ruby and Oswald, drove here together.

Sulphur Springs, Texas:

  1. Joyce Lee Witherspoon “Joy Dale” (Ruby employee), born here (Ruby snuck letters out to Joyce while he was in jail).
  2. Clarence Rector, located here, who DPD police vehicle #107 was sold to (possibly involved in J.D. Tippit shooting). Contacted by Jack Ruby in regards to vehicle.

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