By S.r. Dusty Rohde

©June, 2017

In 1967, Dean Andrews was an attorney and acquaintance of New Orleans district attorney, Jim Garrison. Garrison of course is renowned for his trial accusing Clay Shaw (Director of the International Trade Mart) of conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy.

During a 1967 interview given by Dean Andrews, he mentions two names which a few seconds later, declares he pulled out of “the air”. Those two names were Manny (Manuel) Garcia Gonzalez and “Ricardo” Davis. These individuals, according to Dean Andrews were fictional characters. (See video below, start at the 2:10 mark, to 2:23)

“Ricardo” Davis’s full name is Rudolph Richard “Ricardo” Davis Jr., a very real, very existent person. In fact, Mr. Davis was questioned by Jim Garrison’s staff during the trial of Clay Shaw. Ricardo Davis, has for years, been hidden in the shadows of assassination evidence. Personally, I think it’s past time somebody shined a light on this alleged fictional person. A good place to start, would be with quotes from Jack Ruby, after he was arrested for the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald.

–“After Ruby’s arrest, he asked Dallas attorney Tom Howard to represent him. Howard accepted and asked Ruby if he could think of anything that might damage his defense.


Ruby responded that there would be a problem if a man by the name of “Davis” should come up. Ruby told his attorney that he “…had been involved with Davis, who was a gunrunner entangled in anti-Castro efforts.”(1)

Now, why do you suppose Jack Ruby would be concerned if the name of “Davis” should come up? One of the first reasons Ruby might be concerned was with his efforts to get “Jeeps” to Cuba, to make a profit. (2) Jack Ruby was also reported to say to Wally Weston They are going to find out about Cuba, they’re going to find out about the guns.”(3) The HSCA would run off on a wild goose chase trying to connect Thomas Eli Davis III to these comments by Ruby. This path led to no where and gave the HSCA, in their view, justification to not look for “Davis” any further. The HSCA didn’t bother to have a look at a “Davis” already identified as being involved with the anti-Castro Cuban’s and gun running. Typically, the FBI wasn’t any help with investigating Davis either, at least according to the HSCA. (See below)

The FBI had been unable to identify anyone engaged in the sale of arms to Cuba who might be identical with the person named Davis.“(4)

The previous quote is a bid odd, considering that numerous documents can be found in FBI files related to Mr. Davis. If anyone bothered to view those documents, they would find a possible reason why the FBI was unable to identify Mr. Davis. The reason being that Davis had direct ties to Lee Harvey Oswald.

A few days after Oswald’s altercation with Carlos Bringuier and friends, (members of the anti-Castro Cuban “Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil” or “DRE”), Ricardo Davis would pay a visit to Oswald at home. This was also a few days after the WDSU interview to which the WDSU staff would deliberately label Oswald as “Communist”. (See below)


Not only was Ricardo Davis acquainted with Jack Ruby and Oswald, he was very familiar with Carlos Bringuier, Carlos Quiroga and other members of the anti-Castro group “DRE” members. All of these individuals had direct links to Lee Harvey Oswald. Ricardo Davis also knew David Ferrie and Sergio Aracha Smith when they worked with Guy Bannister. (See below)


Ricardo Davis also knew George Wray Gill (See below), attorney for Carlos Marcello. Ferrie, Jack Martin and Guy Bannister had been working for Gill/Marcello in the months prior to JFK’s assassination. Sergio Aracha Smith was also familiar with Marcello, and had been offered employment by him.


Last, I’ll just provide a brief and partial overview of Ricardo Davis activities involving his “anti-Castro” Cuban ventures. (See below)


So, to borrow a quote from Oliver Stone’s 1991 film, …not all is as it seems when sifting through the evidence, things are “a mystery, wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma”…and deliberately so. The web of inter-connectivity between those involved with events leading to the assassination is astounding, mind boggling even. Smoke and mirrors…windows within windows, vanishing evidence, witnesses silenced…records hidden, be wary of those rabbit holes.

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