By S.r. Dusty Rohde

©June 2017

Lee Harvey Oswald, alleged assassin of President John F. Kennedy is thought by many former and current researchers to have had CIA “Handlers”. Anyone who seriously researches Oswald’s history prior to the assassination will quickly discover that Oswald was surrounded by agents or assets from a number of government agencies. One of the people most often identified as a Oswald handler, was George DeMohrenschildt, former CIA asset. As many know, DeMohrenschildt allegedly committed suicide on the same day he was notified by Gaeton Fonzi, (investigator from the House Select Committee on Assassinations) that they would like to see him. (See below)


The Warren Commission, the HSCA (House Select Committee on Assassinations) and others stated the Lee Harvey Oswald was using the alias of “Alek Hiddel” and variations of this alias or “code name”. Usually, any debate on the Hiddel alias revolves around whether or not Oswald actually used the alias to purchase the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle…or whether this info/evidence was falsely planted. (See below)

In any criminal case, especially in murder cases or multiple criminal acts, Modus Operandi often times play a critical role in identifying guilty parties. What is Modus Operandi? Modus Operandi is at times, a repetitive habit or behavioral traits used by perpetrators of crimes. Recently, one particular document gave me pause to reflect on the possible “Modus Operandi” in relationship to Lee Harvey Oswald. (See below)


The first thing that stirs up a red flag in my thoughts from the previous document is the reference to “a cover for infiltrating Communist groups“. Prior to the altercation between Oswald and Carlos Bringuier at the International Trade Mart, Bringuier claimed Oswald was trying to infiltrate the “DRE”, (Directorio Revolucionario Estudantil). The “DRE” was the anti-Castro Cuban group Bringuier moved to after belonging to anti-Castro Cuban groups associated with Guy Bannister, whom this George Higginbotham worked for. During this same time period, Guy Bannister made a comment to another employee, Bill Dalzell in reference to Oswald, . . . “Cool it, he’s with us“, (as in “working with/for us”).

A thought came to mind when reflecting on the previous info, so let me ask you, Chronologically, when did Oswald first start using the Hiddel alias? Without even knowing the exact date, evidence clearly indicates that Oswald was using the Hiddel alias on the FPCC fliers in New Orleans. Oswald was handing out these fliers in the same time frame that he was “with” Bannister at the 544 Camp Street address. So, what are the obvious implications? If Guy Bannister “provided” George Higgenbotham with false credentials and false name, did he provide the same for Lee Harvey Oswald in the name of Alek Hiddel? Modus Operandi. 

Guy Bannister would be found nude and dead on June 6th, 1964 . . . barely over six months after the assassination. Bannister’s records almost immediately began to vanish. Later testimonies would indicate that some records were taken by Delphine Roberts, Bannister’s secretary/aide and side chick (Bannister was married at this time). Some records were reportedly in the hands of Jack S. Martin, employee of Bannister. Bannister’s wife ended up taking the bulk of Bannister’s records, but scattered them to the wind, giving them to several different agencies in Louisiana. Some of these records were also destroyed after review. But, is it possible that surviving records might produce similar evidence showing the “Hiddel” alias originated through Bannister’s office? Has anyone ever bothered to look? Is it possible, the agency that so many think Oswald belonged to…was in fact operated through Guy Bannister’s agency? The same agency that was overseen by the FBI. The agency where all employees had to be cleared by the FBI? The same agency who originated the anti-Castro Cuban group “FRD” later merged with the “CRC” or Cuban Revolutionary Council. This very same “CRC” group was funded by the CIA. The same “CRC” group was housed in the International Trade Mart, where Clay Shaw was managing director. The same Clay Shaw associated with most of the “employees/members” of the 544 Camp Street staff. That staff included Guy Bannister, David Ferrie, Sergio Aracha Smith, Oswald and others. The same Clay Shaw owned a “Nash Rambler” at the time of the assassination, like the Nash Rambler seen fleeing Dealey Plaza after the shots were fired. (See link below)

When Oswald was questioned in regards to this station wagon, he made the comment “now they’ll find out who I really am“. The evidence suggests who he really was, Alek Hiddel, …undercover operative for Guy Bannister (one of Oswald’s “handlers”) under Bannister’s “FRD” anti-Castro group, a group overseen by the FBI, who’s members were vetted by the FBI and a group funded by the CIA. Guy Bannister, the perfect “cut out” between the FBI, CIA and Lee Harvey Oswald.