By S.r. Dusty Rohde

©August, 2017

I was asked recently, why don’t I post a list of the factual evidence. While I do have such a list, and I’m still adding to it, and I do intend on posting it. For now, I would rather post this.

The body of President Kennedy was taken out of Texas prior to an autopsy, which the Secret Service intended to do even though it was illegal, against Texas Law. Taking the body “Blocked” a Texas autopsy of the President.

  1. Question: Did Lee Harvey Oswald take the body? Answer: No
  2. Question: Did Oswald benefit from the body being taken? Answer: No
  3. Summary: It was not Lee Harvey Oswald who blocked the Texas autopsy.

The murder of Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby “Blocked” his Texas murder trial and trial for the murder of Dallas Police patrolman, J.D. Tippit.

  1. Question: Did Lee Harvey Oswald shoot himself? Answer: No
  2. Question: Did Oswald benefit from his own murder? Answer: No
  3. Summary: It was not Lee Harvey Oswald who blocked his Texas Trials.

Transferring the body of JFK from Texas to Bethesda Naval Hospital for the autopsy “Enabled” all of the fraud, perjury and manipulations of evidence that took place at Bethesda.

  1. Question: Did Lee Harvey Oswald perform the autopsy? Answer: No
  2. Question: Did the deceptions resulting from the autopsy benefit Lee Harvey Oswald? Answer: No
  3. Summary: Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t create the deceptions in the Bethesda Autopsy.

Withholding JFK’s autopsy photographs from the various Committees and public at large, “Blocked” the early discovery of fraudulent wound locations and number of wounds falsely claimed by the Bethesda autopsy surgeons. 

  1. Question: Did Oswald withhold the autopsy photos? Answer: No
  2. Question: Does withholding the autopsy photos benefit Oswald. Answer: No
  3. Summary: The autopsy photos were and are 100% under government control, meaning any manipulations or alterations were done by them, no one else.

A phone call from J. Edgar Hoover to Dallas District Attorney Wade was intended to “Block” an immediate Texas investigation into the murders of JFK and Officer Tippit.

  1. Question: Did Oswald make the phone call (request) to D.A. Wade? Answer: No
  2. Question: Did Oswald benefit by lack of a Texas investigation? Answer: No
  3. Summary: As long as there is no trial, everything remains in limbo, witnesses can’t be cross examined, no one can be held accountable or charged, be it Oswald or more conveniently, anyone else.

After the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, a large number of key witnesses were murdered. Off the top of my head, I can think of only one of those that was actually solved.

  1. Question: Did Lee Harvey Oswald murder these people?  Answer: No
  2. Question: Did the murders benefit Lee Harvey Oswald? Answer: No

The Surgeon General of the United States put all Bethesda hospital staff and others present at the time of the President’s autopsy under “non-disclosure” orders. The forced silence of these witnesses “Blocked” any testimonies that could have identified the deceptions by Bethesda hospital surgeons.

  1. Question: Did Oswald silence these witnesses? Answer: No
  2. Question: Did Oswald benefit from the non-disclosure orders? Answer: No

Overall Summery: 

All of the actions listed here happened “after” the shots were fired, after President Kennedy had expired, and after Lee Harvey Oswald had been either arrested or murdered. Lee Harvey Oswald did not ask for these events to happen. Our government blocked the Texas autopsy. Our government took JFK’s body. Our government enabled the Bethesda autopsy deceptions. Our government withheld and manipulated JFK’s autopsy photos. Our government silenced the Bethesda witnesses. Our government stopped the Texas investigation. Every single person involved with manipulating these events worked for … OUR “NEW” GOVERNMENT, think about that. But what are we really talking about here? In a court of law, this manipulation would be termed “evidence tampering”, which is a crime. Then adding insult to injury, to salt the wound of JFK’s loss, what do they do? These people use the Kennedy family as their excuse, as their shield for their actions. They blocked the trial by shooting Oswald with “respect” for Mrs. Kennedy. They took the President’s body out of Texas with “respect” for Mrs. Kennedy. They withheld the autopsy photos with “respect” for the Kennedy family, …sugar plums and fairy tales. 

And now, I’ll leave you with a final point to think on. For nearly 54 years, the CIA has been withholding documents related to the assassination of President Kennedy claiming it was for “National Security”. If Lee Harvey Oswald was in fact the “Lone Assassin”, the Lone Nut, the man who acted entirely alone, who had no confederates, no one aiding him. If Oswald worked for none of the government agencies, the CIA, FBI, ONI, Military Intelligence or any others, which has been the government mantra for all these years. Then the CIA can not possibly be truthfully protecting National Security by refusing to release documents. If Oswald acted alone, and had no government affiliations, there is no National Security to protect. If they aren’t protecting National Security, then what or who are they protecting? Themselves? JFK’s murderers? And it isn’t just the CIA who withholds documents, though they are the most commonly noted for doing so. The FBI, the ONI…and several other agencies still withhold assassination documents. Well…hold on, “withholding documents” is really a misnomer. Why? These agencies aren’t withholding “documents”, they are withholding “evidence”, which in a court room would also be a crime. I’ll say it again, as long as a court trial is avoided, no one gets held accountable, pure and simple…’s just one big free pass to anyone and everyone breaking the law. The longer evidence is withheld, the better chance for it to disappear from NARA or any other records, which is exactly what has happened over the years. The longer the release date for records is put off, the more the witnesses will die off from old age, or the more that can be murdered. The primary goal of our government, or any government really, should not be “obstructing justice”.