By S.r. Dusty Rohde

©October, 2017

How many times has anyone asked, “Who killed President John F. Kennedy”? Has the answer been staring America in the face ever since that disaster in Dallas?

My friend Ted Hammond made an observation a short time ago stating “Dusty doesn’t have a theory on the assassination (per se), he publishes evidence”. This is largely true, though I hadn’t thought much on it at the time. Linda Giovanna Zambanini stated “You see things other people don’t see that is right there in front of you/us”. Ted and Linda are well known in the JFK Assassination community and have been involved for quite a long time. I mention them here and now, because their statements aptly apply directly to the subject material about to be presented to you.

There is a very possible clue, so blatant, so “in your face”, it’s truly remarkable that no one has picked up on it before now. What might that clue be? Today’s clue, is the word “Umbrella”. This particular word can have many meanings, depending upon the context or subject where it’s used. About two months ago, I made an image related to the application of the word “Umbrella”. (See image below)


Some of you may wonder why I made this, what am I implying? The previous image is in reality, an over simplification of factual information related to the assassination. 

Anyone familiar with President Kennedy must also be aware of the Bay of Pigs disaster, or the Cuban Missile Crisis. At times, you might hear this failure blamed on President Kennedy, when in reality, the fault belongs directly on the shoulders of the CIA. JFK was not the “creator” of the Cuban Operation, in fact, it was started long before JFK ever became President. JFK “inherited” the whole Cuban mess. When President Kennedy was finally informed about the Cuban effort already underway, he made it very clear from day one that this would NOT be an American invasion. He stated many times, and very clearly he would not commit American troops or more importantly, American aircraft to support the anti-Castro Cubans. President Kennedy did however allow aid in various forms to be given to these anti-Castro Cubans. I could lay all that information out for you, but that will come later. I’m going to short cut to the point. After the Bay of Pigs invasion failed, it was blamed on the fact the JFK would not allow American air cover to protect the anti-Castro Cubans. An act that JFK stated from day one, that he would not do, their were no illusions about his stance on this. This air cover consisted of 80 pilots, mostly American, some European and a few Cuban, and including a particular pilot by the name of David Ferrie. Ferrie was recruited by long time associate Sergio Aracha Smith, (all hired by the CIA).

Air support or air cover is a major factor in any battle these days. Primarily because controlling the skies prevents enemy aircraft from “raining” down bullets and bombs on your troops. That is why, in military jargon, this air cover is often times referred to as an “Umbrella”. That said, please read the quotes on the next two images. (See below)



These two quotes are very significant in relationship of what I’m going to point out to you in the next images. Again, it was the lack of “air cover” that was blamed on JFK, otherwise known as an “Umbrella”, in military terms. I’ll share one more relative quote from CIA Chief of Station in Guatemala, Robert K. Davis. The aircraft and pilots the CIA bought and hired were to launch from Guatemala, where the CIA built an airfield for that purpose at a cost of 1.8 million dollars. (See below)


Robert K. Davis is referring primarily to the Pilots and trainers hired by the CIA to bomb Cuba, to provide the “Umbrella” of air cover during the invasion. The CIA was very aware of JFK’s position on the matter, but apparently thought they could strong arm him into using aircraft and U.S. Military troops once the invasion began. John F. Kennedy would not budge from his original and oft repeated position.

Having relayed this information to you, I’d like you to look, with a new perspective at an individual photographed in Dealey Plaza at the very moment JFK was assassinated. (See below)


If you aren’t familiar with who this is, in the JFK Assassination communities, he is known as “Umbrella man”. Also make note of the man in the white shirt nearest to “Umbrella Man”, as it is thought he was Cuban, or anti-Castro Cuban.

I need to point out several known facts related to this man. First, it wasn’t raining as the Presidential limo drove down Elm Street, thus, no need for an umbrella. Second, witnesses who were the first to actually view the Zapruder film of the assassination stated that as the limo approached, the man was pumping the umbrella up and down rapidly. Oh, and I should add, the man didn’t open the umbrella until the limo turned down Elm Street. Obviously, this moving the umbrella up and down would seem logically for the purpose of getting the President’s attention. Third, some Conspiracy Theorists suggested the umbrella was actually a weapon, from which the fatal shot was fired, but this was not true. I can not help but notice the timing of the fatal shot, relative to the position of the man with the umbrella. Some have suggested that the Umbrella Man was signaling the shooter or shooters, I don’t agree. Based on a large amount of evidence, some of which I’ve provided, …to me, it seem’s there is a much simpler purpose in the use of the Umbrella. The Umbrella Man is positioned at the end of the Presidential motorcade parade route, the Grand Finale. He is just ahead of JFK and the limo, and pumps the umbrella up and down rapidly, he want’s the President to see the Umbrella. Why? I will suggest, strongly, that the purpose of the Umbrella was to send a message, to President Kennedy and others. What is the message? The message is this, (for what’s about to happen), this is for refusing to provide air cover (the air “Umbrella”) for the Bay of Pigs invasion. This is for our friends who died and who were imprisoned, because you refused to provide that air cover or military support (which the CIA suggested to them would be provided). This Umbrella, is the claim to who is responsible, taking credit for their actions, …payback. I think it really is just that simple, revenge…one of the most common motives for murder in criminal history.

*AUTHORS NOTE: I’m sure many of you would like to see more citations for this article and more information. This will be forthcoming in the next month of November. But I wanted you to have time to think on what was presented here, before that article is published.