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Welcome to the JFK’s COUP website. This site is currently undergoing the development process, other notable JFK researchers and files/documents will be added. Their contact information will be added at that time. Currently you can contact the site manager, (S.r. Dusty Rohde) at ghostjohn2001@yahoo.com or simply by posting your comments to the page. Thank you, we hope you enjoy.

The purpose of this site is to provide the public with accurate documents, evidence and images related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the murder of Dallas Police Officer JD Tippit and murder of Lee Harvey Oswald.

For the past 53 years, an enormous amount of examination of existing evidence has resulted in numerous discoveries of fraudulent evidence, perjured testimonies, missing evidence, planted evidence, altered evidence, and witnesses who were silenced by non-disclosure agreements, intimidation or outright murder. One of the primary purposes of this site, is to expose and reveal the real, factual evidence as opposed to the fake evidence presented to Americans by the Warren Commission, the House Select Committee on Assassinations, the FBI, CIA or any other organization or individual. One of the greatest deceptions in American history took place when Lee Harvey Oswald was declared the assassin of JFK and Officer JD Tippit, by the Warren Commission.

There are literally thousands of documents and pieces of evidence involved in these cases. In reality, as any experienced researcher in these cases knows, there is a virtual minefield of misinformation in existence connected to the investigations of these murders. To save current and future researchers from these traps, we discard the false information, and include that which can be factually verified or proven. We will also correct any false information we become aware of and post that information accordingly.

There exists enough information collected today, that could make it possible to legally challenge past false assertion’s made by not only the Warren Commission and other government committee’s that investigated these cases, but also specific authors who have knowingly published books or films based on known fraudulent evidence, who dare to claim their work as “non-fiction”.

American’s deserve to know the truth of the events on the 22nd of November, the truth of who committed these crimes, how the cover-up was perpetrated and those individuals involved.