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Recommended Reading

It’s been said there are over 2,000 books written on the John F. Kennedy Assassination, and this may very well be true. I do not claim to have read them all, though I’ve read quite a few. As a researcher, I’ve honed down the books that to me, will give you some of the most important information necessary to really understand what happened, and related events. These are books, that personally, I’ve found to be most useful while researching the assassination events. There are a many good books out there and this list is in no way meant to suggest otherwise. There are also a large amount of very dishonest books out there, published as…well, there should be a new category or “genre” to best describe them…and that would be “fictional non-fiction”.

       1. The Warren Report, no researcher should be without this book. While much of                  the assertions contained within this book have been proven false, it is vital in                      research.


     2. History Will Prove Us Right, by Howard P. Willens. Mr. Willens was one of the                   Warren Commission counsel members and from this book, one can gain further                  insights into the views of Commission members.               


3. Bay of Pigs, by Peter Wyden. A very good book with some important information               on CIA operations leading up to the Bay of Pigs. Some rare photographs of                             significance are also found in this book.                               


      4. Contract on America, by David Scheim. This is a heavily cited book on the subject            of Jack Ruby (Rubenstein) and his connections to organized crime, as well as                        personal history.  (No, I’m not claiming the Mafia murdered JFK)


     5. On the Trail of Assassin’s, by Jim Garrison. While Jim Garrison didn’t get                             everything right, what he did get right is very impressive. I would say that all of                 Garrison’s evidence, documents, photo’s and etc should be examined by all                           researchers and interested parties. There is a great deal we never would have                     known if not for Mr. Garrison’s efforts. 


     6. The Master Chronologies of JFK Assassination (Books I & II), by Dr. Walt Brown.           Here again, anyone researching or studying the JFK Assassination would or should             know that “Chronologies” are critically important. The time lines (correct ones)                   when events take place is of course of vital importance in any criminal case.



*Authors note: I will be adding to this list of books, and also create a list of books that really never should have been published as “non-fiction”. In my view, these authors should be sued for doing so, and possibly their publishers.

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