By S.r. Dusty Rohde

©July, 2017


All too often, researching the JFK assassination can seem a bit daunting, overwhelming even, as there are literally thousands of documents to sift through.  This is even truer for “non-researchers” who aren’t familiar with the lion’s share of information in existence. The problem isn’t helped by the fact that from the beginning, there has been an open assault on researchers, be it murder or the more common mind games and ad hominem attacks that continue up to this very day. Those games are played by what are commonly termed “disinfo assets”. In spite of deliberate falsification of evidence, fraud, perjury, mind games and out right murders, researchers have learned a great deal over the years. So to clarify and simplify the process in understanding what has been learned and keeping the necessary immersion in documents to a minimum, I share the following false assertions and deceptions related to the JFK assassination. I think it is equally important to identify those individuals who committed these acts, as they became “accessories after the fact“.

One thing that everyone needs to understand, is that what I’m about to show you could not have been possible without the body of John F. Kennedy illegally being taken out of Texas, prior to an autopsy…which was mandatory by Texas State law. Without the body, the fraud that took place at the Bethesda Hospital could not have happened. I’ll leave it to you to decide if it was mere coincidence or simply because Jackie Kennedy refused to leave Texas without her husband. The term “Conspiracy” is often used as a derogatory term deliberately used as a demeaning label on JFK assassination researchers. Conspiracy “after the fact” did indeed take place and is provable. So, that said, let me demonstrate.

1. Commander J.J. Humes, Commander Thorton J. Boswell and Lt. Col. Pierre Finck did willfully and with full knowledge “Conspire” to commit fraud in giving false evidence related to the wounds on President Kennedy’s body. The autopsy report by the Bethesda doctors is numbered CE 387 in the Warren Commission evidence. This portion shows all three doctors agreed and signed the autopsy report. (See below)



2. J.J. Humes burned his original autopsy notes. (See below)


3. Humes testifies that he, Boswell and Finck “met” and “made changes” that these three individuals were “mutually agreed upon“. The legal definition of “Conspiracy” is as follows. (See below)



Clearly, J.J. Humes has indicated that he met with Boswell and Finck, and that they were mutually agreed to the changes and revisions they made on the final Autopsy Report which they submitted, once completed. 

Commander Boswell stated his agreement with Commander Humes testimony on wound representations in the Warren Commission hearings. (See below)


Lt. Col. Pierre Finck also stated his agreement with J.J. Humes assertions during his Warren Commission testimony. (See below)


There can be no question that all three Bethesda autopsy surgeons were in agreement with Commander Humes assertions as to the number and location of wounds presented by him and the Harold Rydberg drawings (1). If any or all parts of this autopsy report are demonstrated to be deliberately false or fraudulent, these doctors have met and fulfilled the legal definition of “Conspiracy”, making them “accessories after the fact”. 

4. Bethesda Autopsy Surgeons … Humes, Boswell and Finck claimed there was but a single wound to JFK’s back, when in truth, there were four. –LIES (See below)


In the far left image shown above, the single “Back/Neck” wound identified by the Bethesda doctors is within the red circle. This image was drawn by Harold “Skip” Rydberg”, and submitted as evidence to the Warren Commission. The actual autopsy images were withheld from the Commission and Mr. Rydberg, they never saw them. The next two images (above, right) are autopsy photos taken at Bethesda and released during the House Select Committee on Assassination hearings. These two photos clearly show not one, but “four” wounds to JFK’s back. The single wound claim was a complete and deliberate misrepresentation of Kennedy’s back wounds by these doctors. Not only was there more than one wound, the location of the wounds is equally erroneous. There is no possible way they could not have seen all four of these wounds, yet, they told the Warren Commission there was just one. The claim of a single back wound was an outright LIE and deliberate fraud. I have enlarged the four wounds, and make note, the lowest two wounds clearly show “tracks” from where body fluids had seeped from them. The true entry wound is also very round, as it should be. A bullet “entry” wound is a puncture wound, not a tear. The remaining three wounds are all very irregular in shape, typical of a fragmentation wound. Blood spots would not have body fluids seeping from them. 

The House Select Committee on Assassinations identified one of these fours wounds as the entry wound, they didn’t debate whether or not this was an actual wound, even though no body fluid tracks are visible. However, this was the closest actual wound indicated in the Humes-Rydberg drawings (manipulated by J.J. Humes). (See below)


Oddly enough, if you compare the phony entrance wound on the Rydberg drawing to the autopsy image, there is no actual wound at all in this location in the photo. Humes also indicated or “moved” the wound approximately 4 and a half inches up and roughly 2 inches to the right of it’s true location (not millimeters or centimeters, but inches!). This is a blatant and deliberate misrepresentation, placing a wound where none existed. (See below)


Over the years, there have been claims that President Kennedy’s body was exchanged for the murdered Dallas Police patrolman J.D. Tippit, this is false. How do we know this is JFK’s body and not a substitute? To explain, I’ll share the following three images. (See below)


5. Withholding the autopsy images during the Warren Commission further enabled the deception by J.J. Humes. Humes claimed it was for the benefit of the Kennedy family–Lie. Drawings made by Harold “skip” Ryberg were substituted in place of the autopsy images, Mr. Ryberg had never seen the autopsy images or body, J.J. Humes was his sole guide as to where to locate the wounds on the drawing. Since no one could view the autopsy photos in the Commission hearings, no one would see the very obvious discrepancies. The sole purpose of moving this “back wound” farther to the right and more upward, was to give the illusion this shot came from the Texas School Book Depository. 

Manipulations of evidence during the Bethesda autopsy didn’t end here. There was another very significant step. All individuals involved in the autopsy of JFK…and others who were in the building for various reasons…were placed under “non-disclosure” orders by the U.S. Surgeon General.

6. Forced silence of all Bethesda Autopsy witnesses and staff guaranteed no one could speak of Humes deceptions, if discovered. The following two images are an example of those people who were placed under non-disclosure orders. This is most of the people under the order, but not all. But, this is enough to make the point. Regardless of whether or not any of these individuals may have had knowledge that there was some deceptions going on…they could not speak of it, without risking a prison sentence. Thus further ensuring the deceptions of Humes, Boswell and Finck would go undiscovered.



There is much more evidence I could add to this, but for the sake of a single article, this is enough. There is clear evidence and “Proof” the requirements qualifying for the legal definition of “Conspiracy” have been met. Commander J.J. Humes, Commander Thorten J. Boswell and Lt. Col. Pierre Finck openly engaged in Conspiracy to commit fraud in representing the wounds to President John F. Kennedy. This is not Conspiracy Theory, it is Conspiracy Fact.

The deceptions didn’t stop here, they continued on to a deeper level during the House Select Committee on Assassination hearings, but that is another story.

  1. “For The Sake of Historical Accuracy”, by Barry Keane,